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Jedpanel-old factory view

Welcome to the Jedpanel!

We are a team of passive fire protection professionals – active in Shanghai since 1999. Our aim is to serve our customers with the most reliable fire rated boards and solutions as far as fireproof construction is concerned. The mission we have established is being achieved thanks to the devotion of our technical team members and support staff at the main time. Our mission has become the seal of the qualitative fireproof and decorative panels!

We mainly investing our knowledge and expertise over:

  • Internal and external fireproof MgO ceilings, walls & flooring system
  • Fireproofing magnesium oxide/ magnesium-ceramic board (chloride free) (next)
  • Fire rated board for transportation tunnel (RABT and RWS fire curve)
  • Decorative HPL board/ FEVE pre-coating fiber cement board
  • Inorganic pre-coating board
  • Calcium silicate board
  • Fiber cement board

Thanks to our long and successful experience in this market, we have been able to identify the main concerns and requests regarding the products and services we offer in the market. Based on this opportunity we have taken some important measures in order to ensure all orders are being timely processed regardless of the quantity ordered or the time allocated.

  • Large warehouse
  • 2 MgO production lines
  • Professional laboratory
  • Experienced technical department

All of our products are being careful “case tested” in order to ensure that no production flaws are present. The laboratory staff has the ability and is equipped with all the necessary tools and equipment that allow an accurate deep analysis of every single component.

Whenever we mention our brand name – “JedPanel” – instinctively the audience focus falls over fireproofing products. Why? Because we are the first company that has been developing and producing tunnel fireproofing board in the country, we had the opportunity to be the top one on peoples’ mind. This privilege has also been the main driver towards our excellence. It is worth mentioning that tunnel RABT and HC Temperature rise test have been successfully passed. Thanks to the quality and reliability of these products we have ensured a number of partners in our business portfolio. A number of tunnel concrete structures are using our tunnel fireproofing boards to guarantee protection from fire potentials.

The environment is another area of focus for JedPanel. We are more and more encouraging environment protection. Our outstanding products are produced based on some principles. They have to be:

  • Energy efficient
  • High standard fireproof ability (RWS and RABT test)

Why are we focusing on the energy efficient and fireproof ability? This is strongly connected to our initial mission! To provide our customers with outstanding fire rated board and decorative panels in terms of quality and reliability which can ensure most people can live (houses) or travel (transportation tunnel) place can be protected by our panels. The latest is highly related to the protection of the environment which is ensuring our general well-being. Energy efficiency is another element on which we are focusing in order to improve our customer lives in terms of financial budget.

Quality and efficiency are followed by a creative and modern design. This is why we are always applying the most up to date designs achieved by the state of the art technology solutions in our possession. Our team of designers is always making sure that the customer requests are being properly understood. The final product will meet the customer requirements with possible features improved or updated due to design evolution trend.

Your relationship with JedPanel will not be concluded at the moment of sale. We are always looking for long-lasting partnerships which will enrich our vast portfolio with new business possibilities. We are taking care of our customer’s thanks to a team of support experts who are there to assist any time of the day.

This is JedPanel! We are inviting all the interested parties to pay a visit to our manufacture and stores in order to self – evaluate the quality and variety of fireproof construction boards.

Capability and Technical Strength;


Certificates of Jedpanel

Jedpanel with full certification and test report for quality and fireproof ability including CE, ISO9001, HC fire curve and RABT fire curve test report from CNAS.


ISO qualification


Sandwich Panel CE Certification


Sandwich Panel---50mm


5mm mgo board