10mm MgO board

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Fire rated drywall

10mm MgO fire rated drywall board is specialty fireproof magnesium board which can resist no less than 2 hrs flaming test with fire temperature curve more than 1100℃. To compare with 8mm board, with higher fireproof standard which is able to resists 3 hrs HC temperature curves and no less than 2 hrs RABT temperature curve.

Fire rated drywall composition

As usual, it is made from mineral components, magnesium oxide, magnesium sulphate, vermiculite powder, perlite, cellulose material, glass fiber and non-woven fabric. It is non-hazardous, without any organic solvents, asbestos, oils, toxic components, heavy metals or salts which is eco-friendly.

What’s the difference with other size/ kind of fire rated board

As for middle size fireproof mgo board, it has better fire resistant ability than 8mm, can be applied on walls directly. You can check the following data and photos to show you how in detail:

Reference form

Comparison data
ApplicationTunnel board, interior fireproof boardInterior drywall, lining board
Function Fire resistant board , RABT/ RWS fire curve  1.5 hrs Non-combustible board, HC fire curve  90 mins
Size (mm)1220×2440/ 2700/ 30001220×2440/ 2700/ 3000
Density1.1~1.3g/cm³;0.95~1.1 g/cm³;
 Color Light yellow white, grey or other color
 Structure steel/ wood frame; stagger joint; drywall steel/ wood frame; drywall
Strength15~ 19 Mpa12~ 17 Mpa
Absorption12~15% (after 24 hrs) 15~20%  (after 24 hrs)
Thickness8~15 mm3~25 mm
Product photoFire rated drywallfire-rated wall




Fire resistance ( HC 1100℃, RABT 1200℃ and RWS 1300℃)Insect resistance
Water resistanceAsbestos free
Non-toxic Eco-friendly
Zero carbon footprint Recyclable


  • Asbestos free

  • Weather resistant and immune to water damage.

  • Fire resistant and shatter resistant

  • Provides sound insulation

  • Flexible and low shrinkage

  • High degree of workability and termite resistant.


10mm fire-rated drywall can be widely used:

  • 1.Interior partition wall and hospital.
  • 2.Food processing plants, kitchens and laundries
  • 3.Fire rated drywalls, doors, hoardings, internal lining to industrial buildings, parapet walls, spandrels, ceilings, partitions, coverings, cavity barriers, false flooring and in-fit panels.
  • 4.Encasement to structural steelwork
  • 5.Smoke extraction duct encasement
  • 6.Casings for electrical and mechanical service
  • 7.Theaters, exhibition halls, train station, metro station etc.

Installation Methods


walls/ ceilings/ sidings

Fire rated board
Size (mm)1220×2440; 1220×2700; 1220×3000
Edge treatmentSquare/ Tapered/ Chamfered/ Tongue& groove
TextureRough/ Sanding/ Polishing


Thickness 6 8 10 11 12 15 18 20 25 30
Internal lining       
Composite panels          
Exterior walls    
Structural steelwork